FS KKR Capital Corp. II

ISIN US35952V3033 Symbol FSKR Industry Asset Management Sector Financial Services
FS KKR Capital Corp Price
21.56USD 0%
1y Low: 12.5
1y High: 22.0
1y Low: 12.5
1y High: 22.0
FS KKR Capital Corp Analyst Rating
Strong Buy
Strong Sell
Market Cap
3.7 B USD
Dividend Yield
Performance 1y
26.97 %

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FS KKR Capital Corp Dividend Chart

FS KKR Capital Corp Dividend Calendar

Year # Div. Div. Paid Div. Yield Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2022 0 0 USD 0.0 %
2021 2 1.10 USD 0.0 %
2020 2 1.10 USD 6.8 %

FS KKR Capital Corp Performance

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Year to Date
1 Year
26.97 %
5 Years

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FS KKR Capital Corp Company Info

FS KKR Capital Corp. II, formerly known as FS Investment Corp II, is a business development company specializing in investments in floating rate, senior secured loans-first lien and second line, senior secured bonds, subordinated debt, collateralized securities, corporate bonds, debt securities, equity such as warrants or options in middle market private companies. The fund does not intend to invest to any significant degree in start-up companies, turnaround situations or companies with speculative business plans. It seeks to invest in various sectors such as consumer services, energy, capital goods, software and services, telecommunication services, consumer durables and apparel, diversified financials, materials, automobiles and components, commercial and professional services, media, technology hardware and equipment, health care equipment and services, insurance, retailing, transportation, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life sciences, food and staples retailing, food, beverage, and tobacco, household and personal products, real estate, and utilities. The fund seeks to invest in private companies based in the United States. It also invests in non-U.S. securities, which may include securities denominated in U.S. dollars or in non-U.S. currencies, to the extent permitted by the 1940 Act. The fund purchase interests in loans through secondary market transactions in the ?over-the-counter? market for institutional loans or directly from our target companies. It also purchase minority interests in the form of common or preferred equity in target companies, either in conjunction with one of its debt investments or through a co-investment with a financial sponsor, such as an institutional investor or private equity firm. It may have board representation or board observation rights in its portfolio companies.

FS KKR Capital Corp Headquarter

2929 Arch Street, 19104 Philadelphia, PA, USA

FS KKR Capital Corp Price to Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio): —

The current Price to Earnings Ratio of FS KKR Capital Corp is —.
The PE Ratio is calcluated by dividing the current FS KKR Capital Corp share price (21.56 USD) by the earnings per share (—).

FS KKR Capital Corp Dividend Yield: 10.2%

The current Dividend Yield of FS KKR Capital Corp is 10.2%.

FS KKR Capital Corp Market Cap: 3.7 B USD

The current market cap of FS KKR Capital Corp is 3.7 B USD.

FS KKR Capital Corp Stock Price: 21.56 USD

The current stock price of FS KKR Capital Corp is 21.56 USD.

FS KKR Capital Corp ISIN: US35952V3033

The ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) of FS KKR Capital Corp is US35952V3033.

FS KKR Capital Corp Ticker Symbol: FSKR

The ticker symbol of FS KKR Capital Corp is FSKR.

FS KKR Capital Corp Address

The address of the FS KKR Capital Corp HQ is 2929 Arch Street, 19104 Philadelphia, PA, USA.