Adyen N.V

ISIN NL0012969182 Symbol ADYEN Industry Software-Infrastructure Sector Technology
Adyen Price
2,309.5EUR 0.87%
1y Low: 861.8
1y High: 2,221.0
1y Low: 861.8
1y High: 2,221.0
Market Cap
71.7 B USD
Dividend Yield
Performance 1y
30.11 %

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1 Year
30.11 %
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Adyen Company Info

Adyen N.V. operates a payments platform that integrates payments stack. The company provides gateway, risk management, processing, acquiring, and settlement services. It offers a back-end infrastructure for authorizing payments across merchants' sales channels i.e. online, mobile, and in-store, as well as APIs. The payments platform is provided as a service to a range of merchants across various verticals, connecting them directly to Visa, Mastercard, and other payment methods and providing data insights. The company has offices in the Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, China, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Japan, and the United States, with branches in Germany, France, and Sweden, as well as representative offices in Belgium, Italy, and Spain. Adyen N.V. was founded in 2006 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Adyen Price to Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio): 236.5

The current Price to Earnings Ratio of Adyen is 236.5.
The PE Ratio is calcluated by dividing the current Adyen share price (2,309.5 EUR) by the earnings per share (8.5).

Adyen Market Cap: 71.7 B USD

The current market cap of Adyen is 71.7 B USD.

Adyen Stock Price: 2,309.5 EUR

The current stock price of Adyen is 2,309.5 EUR (2,707.9 USD).

Adyen ISIN: NL0012969182

The ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) of Adyen is NL0012969182.

Adyen Ticker Symbol: ADYEN

The ticker symbol of Adyen is ADYEN.

Adyen Address

The address of the Adyen HQ is Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6-50, 1011 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.